Goals & Expertise

Goals and Expertise

  • Partner with non-profits, community groups, university researchers and developers in order to streamline application of novel research and curricula to resolve challenges faced by communities in San Diego and beyond.
  • Develop and share innovative solutions to expand economic, educational and social opportunities available to underserved population groups and communities in need
  • Offer extracurricular classes for children in order to improve cross-cultural understanding and master practical skills in a bilingual environment.
  • Provide informational and analytical support for human development, health and environment projects for a broad range of communities and organizations
  • Promote and support community learning, health, social, and vocational development.


We believe that these goals cannot be achieved without first creating a strong and structured bridge connecting pedagogues, professionals and information management specialists. With a diverse board of academics and a long history of working with nonprofits Community Commons is uniquely positioned to harness collaboration between university researchers, community organizations and educators worldwide.

Our specific focus areas include:

  • International education programs, including Russian language immersion, culture and heritage programs

    heritageEd For four years Community Commons has organized and managed an immersion and heritage education system with a dozen classes and more than fifty attending students per semester. Throughout these years the organization gained a great amount of experience hiring teachers, structuring curricula and advertising the program. Since its initiation the program of San Diego Russian School has grown four times in attendance.

  • Advanced online information systems for environmental analysis and community development

    infoManagementSystem Community Commons researchers engaged in development of multiple online information management systems, integrating data from federal, state and local resources on a range of environmental and social issues. We are experts in system design and development, in particular online portals, advanced research, visualization and mapping/GIS, in areas ranging from hydrologic analysis to health informatics.

  • Technical capacity building and training workshops, especially for environmental monitoring and forecasting

    onlineMaintenanceWe assist researchers in collecting data all around the world and provide resources to make their analysis easier, faster and more robust. We have organized and led international capacity building workshops focused on advanced information technologies in environmental analysis and modeling.

  • Assessment of impacts of changing climate and water availability using data analysis and simulation modeling

    climateSimulation We offer aid and resources to experts in modeling of regional climate change and related impacts. Community Commons has developed systems for channelling climate change research results from SIO to communities in a form that allows users to run simple model interfaces over the Web, and explore models online.