Environmental Education

We nurture a new generation of professionals skilled in modern technologies, through evidence-based education, international training, and environmental advocacy.

Global Forest Link

Global Forest Link (GFL) engages youth worldwide in the collaborative analysis of forest health, and global environmental change using advanced information and communication technologies. This award-winning environmental program has connected over 2000students from the United States, Russia, Taiwan, Ecuador, Ghana, and Brazil. GFL promotes Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) education, engaging youth in hands-on field research, data collection and analysis, interpretation of remote-sensing satellite images, and presentation of findings via storytelling. Students share results online and communicate with peers in other cities and nations. GFL participates learn essential workforce-readiness skills and contribute to a worldwide database of ‘ground truth’ forest images and environmental data to help scientists and urban forest planners.

See Global Forest Link site for more details.

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